Welcome to my Website on my 3 things

Designed and created by Henry Maritz Tawa College 9DIT

Here are my 3 favourite things

  1. Fortnite
  2. Hockey
  3. Sleeping

My first favourite thing: Fortnite

I like playing fortnite on my PC, there are different skins, pickaxe's, guns, gliders and lots more. You can do lots of different dances you can do, my favourite dances are the hype and the orange justice. You can level and tier up and get lots of rewards.

My second favourite thing: Hockey

I like playing hockey because it keeps me fit and it's really fun to play. You get different sticks and balls. I have an Adidas stick and it is a really good stick to play with. I've been playing hockey for 8 years now.

My third favourite thing: Sleeping

I like sleeping because im always tired, I can rest while I sleep, and no one is bothering me.